Personal Training Professionals


About Us

Personal Training Professionals (PTP) of Wilton is a state-of-the-art fitness facility with a team of certified health and fitness professionals providing high quality personal training and nutritional counseling in a relaxed and positive atmosphere.

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Personal Training is Good For Your Health

Fitness industry surveys show that most people seek the help of a personal trainer to improve their balance, cardiovascular health, coordination, endurance, flexibility, posture, strength or weight control. Each of PTP Wilton's clients starts with a unique health goal in mind. Whatever your goals may be, the key to their achievement lies within your body and your mind.

PTP of Wilton is Committed to Your Fitness

A certified personal trainer can motivate you to develop a healthier lifestyle and help guide you to overcome your biggest obstacles to exercise. Your PTP Wilton trainer will monitor the progress of your exercise regime and challenge you when you start to peak to ensure that your fitness workouts continue to be beneficial while still fun.

A Fitness Program Designed Just for You

With PTP you can be ensured that the fitness program designed is the best one for you. You will be taught the proper form and technique when exercising with weight machines, free weights and cardiovascular equipment because increasing your body's results while reducing the risk of injury is what makes a successful exercise program.

Let PTP of Wilton Help You Get Healthier

Your certified professional personal trainer will assist you in setting and achieving realistic fitness training goals. On your path to fitness, your personal trainer will be there to encourage and motivate you. And you can do it in PTP Wilton's state-of-the art facility or in the comfort of your own home.

Reach Your Fitness Goals Sooner

With PTP of Wilton, you'll be able to reach your physical fitness potential in a reduced amount of time because we will design a training program which is unique to what you want and what your body needs for better health!