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Personal Training Professionals of Wilton is now offering one-on-one Pilates sessions with an experienced, certified instructor and by appointment only.

Pilates PTP Wilton, CT

Our Pilates studio is fully equipped with a full Cadillac, a half-trap reformer, ladder barrels, Wunda chairs, and more! We invite you to take a look--the studio is located upstairs.

We are very excited to add another professional service to our list of programs. We feel the benefits of Pilates complements our personal training services and can offer clients improved flexibility, posture, strength, and balance. We encourage you to experience a Pilates session at PTP of Wilton by offering an introductory rate of 50% off your first session.

Please read below to learn how Pilates can complement your current exercise program.

Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates was sickly as a child and suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. As a result, he dedicated his entire life to becoming physically stronger. He began studying body-building and gymnastics and by the age of 14 was fit enough to pose for anatomical charts. He eventually developed his own method of exercise that we know today as ‘Pilates’.

In 1912 Joseph Pilates moved to England where he worked as a self-defense instructor at Scotland Yard. When World War I began, Joe was interned as an "enemy alien" with other German nationals. During his internment, Joe refined his ideas and trained other internees in his system of exercise. In order to enable bedridden patients to exercise against resistance, he attached springs to hospital beds. This would later inspire the designs of his equipment. During his voyage overseas he met Clara, whom he later married. Joe and Clara opened a fitness studio in New York, sharing an address with the New York City Ballet. By the early 1960s, Joe and Clara were training many New York dancers including George Balanchine. Until his death in 1967, he trained numerous students, several of which opened their own schools.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of mind-body exercise evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates. By prioritizing core strength and working the extremities at length, it dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels, and performs. It builds strong muscles without excess bulk and creates a sleek, toned figure with slender thighs and a flat abdomen.

Pilates teaches body awareness, good posture and graceful movement, while improving flexibility and agility. It often helps to alleviate back pain. Developed from rehabilitation techniques, Pilates is a safe, sensible exercise system that is appropriate for people of all ages and physical conditions. Pilates will help you look and feel your very best.

How Can Pilates Help You?

Pilates yields a long list of benefits. Strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles, are key components in a Pilates program. Posture, balance, and core strength are all significantly increased. Increased lung capacity and circulation through deep, healthy breathing is a primary focus. Bone density and joint health improve, and many experience positive body awareness for the first time.

Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility and preventing against injuries and other aches and pains. Pilates exercises train several muscle groups at once in smooth, continuous movements. By developing proper technique, you can actually re-train your body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion.

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